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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, December 22, 2008

How it Really Happened...

So I saw there was some sort of 'general writeup' about our latest (mis)adventures on this 'web site' thing... but I wanted to give it to you like *I* saw it. So... here it is.

We came out of the tunnels under the glassworks all beat to shit, there is no other way to put it. Maybe we were overconfident after saving Ameiko from being kidnapped, but I don't think any of us expected the fight we ran into. By the time we were done, I felt like a kitten could have knocked me over, and Miago, that poor bastard, is going to have nightmares about tiny daggers appearing in his chest for a long time I bet... still, we knew we had more to explore, so we made haste to prepare for a return trip. It took 2 full days for Father Zantas to get us all healed up... we kept him busy! Flars was pretty well untouched, so he spent most of the time carousing about the town... even picked up a shiny sheriff badge from somewhere... Then the night before we set out again, me and Braun were over at the Hagfish when we ran into a character fresh into town...

Said his name was Rufio - seems like a bit of a scoundrel really, told some story about looking for excitement, and he just arrived in town that day. Naturally, I couldnt pass up the chance to ahh... 'educate' the man at the card table - an hour later Braun and I were drinking for free, thanks to ole Rufio, and a full house (Aces over Jacks). In fact, Rufio was such a good sport about it (and full of pirate humor) that we decided to see if he would come along for our return trip to the tunnels. Naturally, he said "Arrrrr!" or maybe it was "Ayeeeeee"... either way, he was in.

After picking our way back down into the darkness below, we resumed scouting the place out a little further. A short ways past where we left off, we found what looked to be a deserted prison block. There were two entrances, so we split up a little, and I busted in the door while Rufio and Flars popped in from the side entrance.

HOLY CRAP was the first thing I thought as I crashed in - 3 more of those fiendish looking ...things... with the crazy huge mouth-arm-things! They were gnawing on some bones when we showed up, but ahh... my entrance sort of made them take notice of us. I went right at one of them with that nifty ranseur I plucked on our last trip down here, then switched to the sword and shield when he came back at me. I took a bite from him, but he went down to a few of my well placed swings... I feel like I am getting better with this sword all the time, lately. The other two fell to my companions - Maravin's cat in particular was a whirling mass of teeth and claws, well suited to tearing these things up. Reminds me, I need to find some cat treats...

We moved on further into the tunnels, and discovered a bizarre torture chamber next. There was nobody home, just some really nasty looking devices... but there were two doors out of here. Rufio bravely (heh!) volunteered to open one, and we found ourselves looking at 3 smaller doors in a very small, cluttered room. Rufio continued to demonstrate remarkable courage by opening the first of the 3 doors while the rest of us remained in the other room, waiting in ambush for whatever might come out! It was a bit anti-climactic though... the first door, and then the other two, only contained skeletons of some long-dead critters. Strange bones though, I think we will be asking about these back in Sandpoint. A search of the room DID turn up a little loot though... Miago got really excited and started jabbering about magic spells? Whatever.

So we went to the other door... actually Flars did, I think he was getting a bit impatient. I have to tell you, that guys likes to scrap! Well, and sneak, too... Still, he does a good job scouting - he went down a series of stairs to find a large room with 'something' shuffling around in the back of it. Armed with this knowledge, we prepared for battle, and stepped into the room to face....

A hideous, misshapen, 3 armed Goblin! MAN this thing was UGLY! Making it even dicier, this room was full of pits, covered by some wooden grates that didnt look at all too steady... this was going to be tricky! Rufio and I went to the front, and with a loud bellow, I set about beating the thing senseless! We both landed a couple of serious blows to the thing, which we thought staggered it... turns out, it was just staggering back to take better aim - it projectile-vomited on us! A giant geyser of some extremely foul liquid comes FLYING out of this thing with a large belch... I tell you, it smelled worse than the floor of a whorehouse on a Monday morning, and burned just as bad when it got on your skin. Maybe I've spent more time smelling stuff like that, but whatever the reason I managed to fight through it, while poor Rufio was left dazed and retching for a minute.

Of course this made me Target Number One for the thing, and did I mention he had THREE freakin arms?! Each one armed... this was a new one for me, probably why he caught me so flat-footed there... he cut me really bad with his longsword, and the next thing I knew, I was tasting the floor. Ouch! As I was falling I saw Rashin'Vol (Maravin's cat) tearing into the thing from the side... guess I was a good decoy. Maravin took the opportunity to cast a healing spell my way, which enabled me to get up again and serve up another swing... which missed - my hands were still wet with acid-barf, I think. Rufio recovered his wits at this point and tried to charge from the other side... he's a good kid, pretty solid in a fight, but he needs to watch where he steps - BOOM!! One of the grates gives way beneath him and he vanishes into a pit. the other guys were piling on the thing at this point now too... Miago doing his fire-shooting trick, Braun hitting it with acid (before realizing, damn, its immune!), and Flars doing some of that crafty sneak-attacking from the flank.

It was right about then that the damned gobbo decides I need to STAY down, and cuts me even worse... though again, Rashin'Vol leaps in, seeing an opening, and this time finishes it off with a skull-crushing bite. Skip cat treats, I'm buying that thing a 20lb Shaol Salmon when we get back! Thankfully another healing spell was able to stabilize me before I bled to death - much love for my druid friends! Still, I was out for a couple minutes while the guys went to work saving Rufio - there was a damned ZOMBIE in the pit he fell into! I didnt see it but I guess Braun fell into another pit too, while trying to help out Rufio... Flars claims he screamed like a girl when the zombie pulled him in, but I can't see that gruff Dwarf hitting a high note like that. Though if he landed on his junk maybe....

Once they got free of the pits, we moved on to the next room, although I was still half-conscious. Apparently there were some magical items, floating in an invisible force-field of some kind... some of it was pretty crazy; a dead bird?! In any case, we retrieved a wand, a book, a scroll, and a bottle of wine from the floaty parts; some of it was pretty valuable I guess. The dead 3-Arm Gobbo had a really nice sword on him too, it turns out... I might take a closer look to that back in town. Which reminds me... we need to go back to the Rusty Dragon and let Ameiko know what we found, too. Maybe I will offer her a 'private briefing' on what went down, under there... maybe over dinner... or is it too soon to approach her, what with her recent grief? Hmmm.... have to think this over.

In any case, feeling more confident every passing day - this whole 'adventuring' thing is turning out to be a lot of fun, I feel like I'm getting better and better at it, and it makes me feel strangely good on the inside. Its pretty cool to walk through the town, and have people smiling at you and shaking your hand. Almost makes me want to give up fleecing some of them at the card tables. Almost, but not quite...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Blog for the Saturday Pathfinder Game

I have created a blog for conversations and news related to the Saturday Pathfinder game.

Additional materials about Pathfinder and the game will also be posted on my new Website: