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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tallies for the raid on Fort Rannick

You killed 21 ogres during the initial part of the raid to recapture Fort Rannick.

Below is a list of the treasure that you can gather:

  • A necklace of shriveled women’s hands, each adorned with shiny copper rings. Of the rings, 21 are worth 10 gp each, while the 22nd is magic (Ring of Animal Friendship).
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • +1 Ogre Hook, large - 3d6, x3/20
  • 3 x +1 hide armor, large - +4 AC (+5 with magic), +4 Max Dex, -3 ACP, 20% ASF
  • 2 x +1 greatclub, large
  • 2 x Ring of Protection +1
  • 6 x +2 shocking burst arrows, med
  • Masterwork composite longbow (+7 Str) , large
  • 19 arrows, large - 2d6
  • 12 longswords, med
  • 12 shortswords, med
  • 12 daggers, med
  • 12 longbows, med
  • 240 arrows, med

Some of the non-magic items (like arrows) were taken by some of the characters and NPCs. I recall Azibar taking 20 arrows, Jakardros taking 40 and Shalelu taking 20. (The NPCs went through a boatload and will likely want to take more before moving on.)

If all goes well, you will level to 9th next session. Depending on how much we get done, it could happen during the session or at the end of the session.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


..for Matt, Matt, Dan, Brian, and Joe.

we will be going up a level soon.

will you be going up in the same class?

you will get a new feat, do you know what you want?

you will get some points to spend on skills, do you know where you'd like to spend them?

i'd like to get some of this done ahead of time, so let me know.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Updated Web Site

I have updated the game web site at

I have updated the "People" of Interest section and I have added a map of Fort Rannick as supplied by the rescued Black Arrows. The map can be found in the Attachments section.

Below is some additional information about the fort:

Fort Rannick is located at the northern end of a wide valley that runs along the southern edge of the mountains. This bleak landscape stretches on for miles along the border between the mountains and Kreegwood. This rugged, forlorn landscape fits well with the morose and grim attitude of its guardians, the Order of the Black Arrow.

The Black Arrows do not know where the ogres are located, or exactly how many ogres are still stationed within the fort. They can all but guarantee that there is a lot. They are positive that the ogres haven’t discovered the secret caverns or tunnels where the shocker lizards live.

I will be happy to answer question via e-mail or blog.

I imagine that we will cover the entry plan and or attack plan in detail on Friday.

Saturdays (i mean Fridays) game


is everyone eating before they get here Friday?,
or getting something on the way? to eat here,
or ordering once they get here?

the game is supposed to start at 7pm...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tentative Date For March - Friday, 3/19/10

I know it is not ideal for most but it looks like the only March date that has a chance of working is Friday, 3/19/10.

I need to have 5 players commited to make it a go.

Matt H, Dan and Brian have said that they can make the date work. Matt F can make it work but he has to make some arrangements. Bruce is currently out of town but I expect him back by then. That leaves Joe and Randy that I am really not sure about. Please post or respond to the e-mail taht the date works for you.

If we get the minimum amount of players, we will plan for 7:00 -12:00 on 3/19/10. Assuming Bruce is back, I would like to use his place. Otherwise, we are looking for another location.

If we cannot pull it together we will have to wait until April.

Speaking of April, I already know that 4/23-25 will not work. 4/4/10 is Easter and our regularly scheduled Sunday game was moved to 4/11/10 as a result. That means we are targeting 4/17/10 as the best date but others may work.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My available dates for March are down to fewer

My calendar keeps filling up.

Here is what I still have available:

Friday, March 12th (does not work for Joe or Brian)
Saturday, March 13th (does not work for Joe or Brian)

Friday, March 19th
Sunday, March 21st

Of these, Sunday 3/21/10 works the best.

Can I get everyone to chime in if that will work? Please send me an e-mail or post to the blog.