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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tentative: Next Session Date

It looks like Saturday 12/18/10 will work best for me to run the next Rise of the Runelords campaign.

I was thinking of starting around our normal 5:00 PM. I have heard from Randy (he will not be able to be there until around 6:00) and Joe. Does this work for the rest of you? If I get at least 5 players to confirm, I will set the date.

Please post to the blog if this day works for you or not.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thoughts from Saturday

We will be picking up the battle next session in round 16. Please make sure you have kept track of your spells used, hit points remaining, abilities used, etc. . Please try to develop a game plan for the next session. Salazar (unconscious), Jasmine, Flars and Braun are engaged with Teraktinus. What will Miago do with the wounded stone giant? Where will Miago, Azibar, Emyralda and Maravin head with the last Dimension Door? Where will Rashvin'Vol head? The dragon is still running amuck and unchecked though it has been damaged significantly by spells.

I realize that the battle has been logistically difficult to play. We are covering great distances in a short period of time. There are many enemies spread out through the city and normal combat tactics may not apply. Resources may not be ideal to maneuver the whole party at the same time or distance. That is what makes it a challenge.

I realize that not every character has had the opportunity to shine every round. The physical set up for the game was ambitious and may have been distracting. The number of players and pets make for long combat rounds. It does help if folks know what they expect to do when their turn comes around and that they understand how their power/spell/item works. I understand that as your characters get higher level and better equipped their options expand greatly.

For the most part, I think the party has done a very good job of containing the damage and reacting to the situation. You should take lessons from this fight. It should point out areas of potential need for the future.

Again, I think the food was a great idea and it was delicious. Thank you everyone for participating and making it a success.

As for our next session, I would like to plan one in December. At the moment Saturday, 12/18/10 seems to work for me. I need to confirm that still but how does that look for the rest of you? If Saturday is not good, I would be open to Friday or Sunday too.

Who has it in for Sandpoint?

The question was asked during the game who has it in for Sandpoint?

Miago’s interrogation of the Stone Giant at the brewery may have provided some answers. For those who missed it or do not remember the giant said the following:

“Defeated by nosy little humans,” it says. “Never thought this would happen to the Plateau People. Well, I won’t tell you everything, but I will tell you this: My lord is mighty Mokmurian, one of the dark giants of old come again. His magic, the things he has made… He has convinced the tribes that they will rule all the lowlands again, down to the sea. He has mastered the ancient arts.

“He will certainly kill you all, run rough over your tiny homes with the army he has called. The fortunate few will become his slaves. You beat us today, but you won’t beat us when there are a hundred or a thousand of the true people marching together. Lord Mokmurian will make it happen. He’s almost as smooth a talker as you are, little one.” He scratches his nose. “Teraktinus—he was the leader of our scouting party. He convinced us that you’d be easy pickings and we’d all get rich. He obviously underestimated you, and he paid for his mistake. I’ve no interest in paying for that mistake as well—grant me safe passage out of your lands, and I’ll tell you everything you wish to know.”

You have heard that name before when Lady Lucrecia said, “Mokmurian would love to meet you!” when you encountered her under Fort Rannick.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Das Looten

potion, clw 1d8+2
scroll, coc, hold monster, telekinesis
wand, enervate, 10-
13,949 gp

potion, cmw 2d8+3
13,949 gp

amulet, of freshness
boots, of the mire, 3500gp, jasmine
potion, clw 1d8+2, jasmine
potion, csw 3d8+5
13,949 gp

acid flask(5)
potion, cmw 2d8+3
varisian idol, summoning boost(+2 hp / die)
13,949 gp

gloves, arrow snaring
potion, cmw 2d8+3
13,949 gp

potion, cmw 2d8+3
ring, minor cold resistance, 10 points, 6000gp
varisian idol, summoning boost(+2 hp / die)
13,949 gp

arrows, +2, shocking burst(4)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reminders for Saturday

We plan to get started around 2:00 on 11/20/10. We are planning a Thanksgiving-like feast for dinner. Folks have food assignments. Expect to throw a few bucks Matt's way for the turkey.

Everyone should have a 10th level version of their character for the session.

I am still looking for artwork for your characters. If you have something or can find something, please drop me an e-mail with the image.

See you Saturday.

the best picture i could find...

Flars Larsmundson, son of Lars Flarsmundson, Slayer of the Beast of Larsonville.

Friday, November 12, 2010

November date set for 11/20/10

I got five committed players. I have set the next session officially for Saturday 11/20/10.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November game details

The time is drawing near. I have been assuming that the 11/20/10 date is going to work for our November session but it has not been made official. I need to have at least 5 players in attendance. I would like more but we work with what we can get.

I have heard from Bruce, Matt H, Joe and Randy that the day will work for them. That is four. I am not sure about the status of Dan and I have not heard from Matt F., Brad or Brian.

We also kicked around the idea of doing a Thanksgiving-style feast before we got started. If we are doing so we need to coordinate who is doing what. I am planning to make pepper jack corn bread for sure and I may bring something else. Randy mentioned a dessert of some sort. What about the rest of you? We still need a main course and some sides. If something is costly, I would be willing to chip in a few bucks if someone else wrangles the details. Brian has brought beer in the past. Bruce has an oven but it will require time to cook stuff.

I would like things to get rolling around 2:00 pm. I was thinking of eating first and start gaming around 3:00. If we need to allow time for cooking, we could break and eat later.

Please try to post to the blog so that we can all share the information rather than replying only by e-mail. Items of importance: Attending? Y/N. If attending, what dish/item do you plan to bring?

Hope to see you all soon.