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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, November 30, 2009

Show of hands, does Sunday 12/13 work?

I need to know if we are scheduling the "Saturday" game for 12/13/09.

Bruce is good.
I have heard back from Matt Falk. He is good.
Brian is good but has to be home by 8:30 PM for a race.
Randy was checking his work schedule but believed that he would be good.

That leaves the Hamptons. Does this work for Joe? How about Matt and Dan? Is the race a factor?

I need at least five players ro schedule the session. If we cannot make this date work, I will not be able to run a session until January.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are now level 7

Hi guys,
I'm updating the characters to level 7.
I will have a few questions for each of you.
I will type out a list.

Please reply on this blog page, or by email, or ignore me.

If you want me to make these decisions for you,
I can, and I don't mind. Just say so.

If you choose to ignore me, I will not update your character,
or print it, or bug you about it again. This is the only notice.

I will start printing a few days before the next game, so
please get back to me before then. I don't want to eat up game
time printing.

--the questions--

Choose a 1st level spell to add to your list-
Choose a 3rd level spell to add to your list-
Would you prefer a bonus hit point or skill point-
Choose a feat-
Choose a bonus bloodline feat-
Spend 6 skill points-

Matt Falk:
Would you prefer a bonus hit point or skill point-
Choose a feat-
Spend 6 skill points-

Choose 2 languages-
Choose a feat-

Matt Hampton:
Choose a feat-
Spend 11 skill points-
Choose a rogue talent-

Would you prefer a bonus hit point or skill point-
Choose a feat-
Spend 4 skill points-

Randy, I will do up your guy too if you’d like. I notice
you are usingversion 36 (02/09 beta), we are on version
52 (11/09 HC book).That may be why you have been
having trouble with the spreadsheet.If you want me to
update your guy & print it out, I’ll need information. Most
of which you can tell me Tuesday, if we have the time.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this.
I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Possible date for December

I have been looking at possible dates to have a game in December and there are not many days that will work for me. All of my Saturdays are booked but I do have a free Sunday.

How does Sunday 12/13/09 sound? My wife has a ton of cooking for the holidays that she wants to do and has suggested that I might want to find something else to do. We can start around 2:00 and go until 9:00 or 10:00. If the "Saturday" game will not work then, I will be available to do something.

We can discuss tonight. If that date does not work, I am not sure what other dates might. We could possibly look at another Friday night or we may have to wait until January.

Let me know.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Likely to have a full house

Reminder, the game is tomorrow night, 7:00 PM, at Bruce's house.

Chances are good that we will have everyone in attendance.

Plan to bring your own food or order carryout.

Characters will start at 6th level and are likely to advance to 7th during the session. Please have an idea of what you plan to do.

See you tomorrow.

Web Site Updated - 11/19/09

I have updated the web site for the Rise of the Runelords game at

I have added and updated some of the "People" of Interest. to help organize the current section, I moved many into a victims sub-section.

I have added two files related to the city of Magnimar. They are in the attachments section at the bottom of the page. The first file contains three maps of the city. The fist two show sections of the city. The last shows places of interest within the city. The second file contains a description of the city including information about the various sections and some flavor on life in the city.

I have also attached the letter to Aldern Foxglove that you found amongst the papers under the Misgivings.

I will update the character levels once I hear from everyone. I believe that everyone went up in their primary class but I was not 100% sure. As time permits, I would also like to update the game recaps but that will have to wait for now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Have Five Players for Friday

I have five players for Friday. The game will be at Bruce's at 7:00 PM.

Still looking to hear from Matt Falk and Brian. Hope to see you there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Need to know if Friday night will work for the game

I need to know if Friday night will work for the "Saturday" game.

So far Joe has said yes. Matt and Dan seem probable but I have not received an official yes. I assume Bruce is good but I have not heard for sure. That leaves Matt Falk, Brian and Randy.

I need at least 5 players to run. I was thinking of starting at 7:00 PM and running until about 1:00 AM. Depending on how much gaming we do, it is possible that we will finish this portion of the adventure.

I believe that you went up to 6th level during the last session. It is likely that you will advance to 7th during this session. Please be prepared with your leveling choices.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looks Like 11/21 is No Good for Matt and Dan

It looks like 11/21 is no good for Matt and Dan. I was thinking that maybe Friday night, 11/20, would work instead.

We would likely start around 7:00 and go until 12:00 or 1:00. It would likely be a shorter session but at least we would get to game in November.

Will that work for folks?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/21/09 is the day that works

It looks like the only date that will work for me in November is 11/21/09.

This was not my first choice but I can make it work.

Does that work for other folks? I would need 5 players or more to make it a go.

I was thinking that we could make this another cook-in pre-thanksgiving dinner like last year. What do you think?