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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, November 14, 2011

Possible RotRL dates for December

With the holidays fast approaching, the calendar is getting full. It appears that I only have two possible dates that look like they will work. Friday, 12/9/11 and Sunday, 12/11/11. A Friday session would be short, starting at around 7:00. Sunday, we could play longer, starting at around 3:00 and playing until say 10:00.

If we cannot make one of these dates work, it is unlikely that we will get together before the end of the year.

Please post here to express your thoughts. I need 5 players to play RotRL. If we get interest but not enough players for that we can always play some PFS.

we finished another arc..LOOT time

Aside from the items we passed out Sunday, there is a lot of cash to split up. And may be more, I have to talk to Randy about the club.. No, not the hair club..

Brian, Bruce, Matt, Matty, Dan, Joe, and Randy each (hella yeah, each!) get 18,710gp, 2sp, and 3cp

Jasmine and Brad split that and get 9,355gp, 1sp, and 2cp each

Thursday, November 3, 2011

More GM prodding - November game

We are currently scheduled to play our November session of Rise of the Runelords on Saturday the 12th. We are planning to start at 2:00. We will eat first and then game. Your characters are still 11th but should be 12th by the end of the night.

We currently have 5 confirmed players/diners and 1 GM/diner:

Matt H
Matt F

We have one confirmed absence:

Dan (Going on a road trip)

We have two unconfirmed:

Brad (Sounds like he has plans)
Randy (Have not heard a peep from)

We are planning to eat like kings but that will require that folks bring food. So far I have heard the following:

Keith - In addition to providing the entertainment, I will bring cheesey corn bread and cheese potatoes.

Matt F - Homemade apple pies
Brian - Homemade beer

If we do not want to screw with making a turkey, I suggest that I could pick up some rotisserie chickens from Sam's Club on my way over to Bruce's. I think that 3 would do us. They are $4.99 each. If everyone thros in a few bucks I think we should be good. We can also use a salad, maybe some vegetables, stuffing, mashed potatoes if folks want, gravy, etc..

We have 10 days until the game, let's get our plan finalized soon.