Schedule of Gaming Events

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, December 7, 2009

We will be gaming on Sunday 12/13/09

We have six players and will be gaming this Sunday, 12/13/09. We will plan to start at 2:00 and end around 8:00.

Matt Hampton is the only player that will not be attending.

See you Sunday.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Show of hands, does Sunday 12/13 work?

I need to know if we are scheduling the "Saturday" game for 12/13/09.

Bruce is good.
I have heard back from Matt Falk. He is good.
Brian is good but has to be home by 8:30 PM for a race.
Randy was checking his work schedule but believed that he would be good.

That leaves the Hamptons. Does this work for Joe? How about Matt and Dan? Is the race a factor?

I need at least five players ro schedule the session. If we cannot make this date work, I will not be able to run a session until January.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are now level 7

Hi guys,
I'm updating the characters to level 7.
I will have a few questions for each of you.
I will type out a list.

Please reply on this blog page, or by email, or ignore me.

If you want me to make these decisions for you,
I can, and I don't mind. Just say so.

If you choose to ignore me, I will not update your character,
or print it, or bug you about it again. This is the only notice.

I will start printing a few days before the next game, so
please get back to me before then. I don't want to eat up game
time printing.

--the questions--

Choose a 1st level spell to add to your list-
Choose a 3rd level spell to add to your list-
Would you prefer a bonus hit point or skill point-
Choose a feat-
Choose a bonus bloodline feat-
Spend 6 skill points-

Matt Falk:
Would you prefer a bonus hit point or skill point-
Choose a feat-
Spend 6 skill points-

Choose 2 languages-
Choose a feat-

Matt Hampton:
Choose a feat-
Spend 11 skill points-
Choose a rogue talent-

Would you prefer a bonus hit point or skill point-
Choose a feat-
Spend 4 skill points-

Randy, I will do up your guy too if you’d like. I notice
you are usingversion 36 (02/09 beta), we are on version
52 (11/09 HC book).That may be why you have been
having trouble with the spreadsheet.If you want me to
update your guy & print it out, I’ll need information. Most
of which you can tell me Tuesday, if we have the time.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this.
I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Possible date for December

I have been looking at possible dates to have a game in December and there are not many days that will work for me. All of my Saturdays are booked but I do have a free Sunday.

How does Sunday 12/13/09 sound? My wife has a ton of cooking for the holidays that she wants to do and has suggested that I might want to find something else to do. We can start around 2:00 and go until 9:00 or 10:00. If the "Saturday" game will not work then, I will be available to do something.

We can discuss tonight. If that date does not work, I am not sure what other dates might. We could possibly look at another Friday night or we may have to wait until January.

Let me know.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Likely to have a full house

Reminder, the game is tomorrow night, 7:00 PM, at Bruce's house.

Chances are good that we will have everyone in attendance.

Plan to bring your own food or order carryout.

Characters will start at 6th level and are likely to advance to 7th during the session. Please have an idea of what you plan to do.

See you tomorrow.

Web Site Updated - 11/19/09

I have updated the web site for the Rise of the Runelords game at

I have added and updated some of the "People" of Interest. to help organize the current section, I moved many into a victims sub-section.

I have added two files related to the city of Magnimar. They are in the attachments section at the bottom of the page. The first file contains three maps of the city. The fist two show sections of the city. The last shows places of interest within the city. The second file contains a description of the city including information about the various sections and some flavor on life in the city.

I have also attached the letter to Aldern Foxglove that you found amongst the papers under the Misgivings.

I will update the character levels once I hear from everyone. I believe that everyone went up in their primary class but I was not 100% sure. As time permits, I would also like to update the game recaps but that will have to wait for now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Have Five Players for Friday

I have five players for Friday. The game will be at Bruce's at 7:00 PM.

Still looking to hear from Matt Falk and Brian. Hope to see you there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Need to know if Friday night will work for the game

I need to know if Friday night will work for the "Saturday" game.

So far Joe has said yes. Matt and Dan seem probable but I have not received an official yes. I assume Bruce is good but I have not heard for sure. That leaves Matt Falk, Brian and Randy.

I need at least 5 players to run. I was thinking of starting at 7:00 PM and running until about 1:00 AM. Depending on how much gaming we do, it is possible that we will finish this portion of the adventure.

I believe that you went up to 6th level during the last session. It is likely that you will advance to 7th during this session. Please be prepared with your leveling choices.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looks Like 11/21 is No Good for Matt and Dan

It looks like 11/21 is no good for Matt and Dan. I was thinking that maybe Friday night, 11/20, would work instead.

We would likely start around 7:00 and go until 12:00 or 1:00. It would likely be a shorter session but at least we would get to game in November.

Will that work for folks?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/21/09 is the day that works

It looks like the only date that will work for me in November is 11/21/09.

This was not my first choice but I can make it work.

Does that work for other folks? I would need 5 players or more to make it a go.

I was thinking that we could make this another cook-in pre-thanksgiving dinner like last year. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dates for November and beyond

As we approach the holidays, available dates are harder to come by. How does Saturday, November 14th look for our November session? I think that is best for me. I might be able to make the 7th or 21st work but the 14th is my first choice.

December will be hard to schedule. I know that the 12th is out for sure as it is my wife's work party. The 5th may be our best shot but I am not sure of the family schedule. How do dates look for the rest of you?

Reminder: Game on Saturday 10/24/09

We have our Pathfinder game planned for this Saturday, 10/24/09 at 5:00 PM at Bruce's.

As we discussed last game, we will start using traits. The .PDF can be found at If Bruce is maintaining your character sheet, please tell him which ones you want by tomorrow so that they will be printed on your character sheet.

Any thoughts toward food?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reminder: Game on Saturday 9/26/09

We have our Pathfinder game planned for next Saturday, 9/26/09 at 5:00 at Bruce's.

We will be using the new Pathfinder RPG rules starting this session. Please review your characters to ensure that you have converted properly. If Bruce is maintaining your character, please make sure that you have touched base with him prior to the game. If you have questions or would like to make changes related to the rules conversions, please contact me.

For those in need of a reminder, we left off at the "Misgivings". It is a spooky house belonging to the Foxglove family. Mr. Miago and Flars have had bad experiences inside and are currently in need of convincing to venture back inside. (They are currently trying to find a way to burn the place to the ground.)

The date for October is still in the wind. 10/24/09 works the best for me (My wife will be out of town). So far only Matt Falk has a conflict. Please vote using the poll. I believe that Bruce, Randy and Matt F have voted.

Lastly, as always, what do we want to do about food? I would like to have this taken care of so that we can start as close to 5:00 as possible. I have posted a poll. Please vote so that we can make a decission.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Proposed Date for October game

It looks like the ideal date for me for October will be Saturday the 24th. Does that work for the rest of you? Please vote using the poll.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Date Set For September Game

I have confirmed my schedule and Saturday, September 26th will be our next Saturday Game. We will plan to get started at 5:00 PM at Bruces's.

We will be changing over to the new Pathfinder RPG rules. For those of you having Bruce maintain your character, please contact him for any decisions that are required.

If you do not have a copy of the new rulebook, it can be downloaded from Paizo for $9.99. The link is

If you have ant conversion questions, please let me know.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Game on this Saturday

Just a reminder, we are gaming on this Saturday at 5:00 pm at Bruce's house. Bring your current character and a leveled up to 5th level version. (For many of you that means talk to Bruce before the game so that he knows what to update.) You will be advancing during the session after the current encounter.

I am expecting Bruce, Matt H, Dan-boy, Brain, Joe and Randy (but likely late). Matt F is a no go.

I am open as far as food is concerned. If we want to finish the current encounter and then break for food an leveling, that will work for me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looks like we are now scheduling for August 1st

At this point it is looking like August 1st is the new date.

This is the feedback that I have received so far:

July 25th

Matt F

August 1st

Matt H

That is 6 players vs. 5 players. August 1st will be the new game date. I will continue to try to schedule sessions when eveyone can make it but the more folks that we have in the game, the harder it will be to make that happen.

The new Pathfinder rules will be available at Gen Con. For our next session after Gen Con, we will be converting characters to the new rules. For anyone not planning to buy them, I will be getting a copy of the PDF.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Voting results have not helped.

There areonly 6 voting members and I have received only 5 votes.

Originally I had 5 folks that said that that July 25th worked for them. Currently only 2 folks have picked it as a date that works. I know that this date does not work for Matt and Dan (1 voting member). Did something change? Is this date now bad for someone else?

3 folks have said that August 1st works. I know that this is no good for Matt Falk but it is the preference of Matt and Dan. Does this work for everyone else? Who else does this not work for?

Only 1 vote for July 18th. Matt and Dan could make it work but it is not their first preference. This seems unlikely based on votes.

Only 2 votes for the two dates. I assume that this is off the table. True?

Can we settle this? 5 players is my minimum to run. If 6 out of 7 players can make August 1st, we can schedule the game for then. If 5 of 7 can make July 25th and August 1st, I think I would lean toward August. There are plot elements for Matt's character. If 4 or less can make any of the dates, I guess that we bag it until we find a date where more folks can make it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Web Site Updated

I have made some updates to my web site at

I have updated the "People" of Interest and have added some of the clues from the Sandpoint murders. The "People" of Interest section is easy to find. The Sandpoint Murder Clues can be found in the attachments section.

I need to do more updates recapping the last few sessions under the Return Engagement and Murders in Sandpoint sections and plan to do so througout the next week or so.

I have also updated I have added links to the Pathfinder RPG preview links and I will continue to do so weekly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

July 25th does not work for Matt and Dan

The date that we picked to play in July does not work for Matt and Dan. They will be out of the state. They are available the week before and the week after.

I am good with rescheduling if that works for the majority. I could do one or both of the dates (getting in both a July and August session) if we do not get together on 7/25/09.

Please use the poll to provide you availability and we will make a final decission.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Date Set for July

We have set the date for our next game as Saturday, July 25th.

We finished last session in a place where there will combat off the bat. Once that encounter is over, you will go up a level. Please have 5th level versions of your character ready. (In many cases this means sending an e-mail to Bruce to update your sheet.)

This might also be a good spot to break for dinner.

I will try to update the web site this week with a synopsis of the events of last game, a list of clues found and update the NPC section to include new characters and archive the dead ones.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Date Set for June

My wife is having her surgery on June 12th so the 13th is out. That leaves us with June 6th as our date for the Saturday. Please mark your calendars.

Please plan to be at Bruce's at 5:00 so that we can get rolling. If there are things that you would like your characters to do in their down time, please get them to me in advance if possible so that I can plan.

You have not yet raised a level but it is likely that you will soon. Please plan to have a copy of your 5th level character ready at the session in case we need them.

See you soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

June Dates

We need to determine what dates will work for us in June. The only days that look like they will work for me are June 6th and June 13th. The other weekends I will be camping and will be unavailable.

Please vote using the poll so that we can find the best date.

Friendly reminder ... Game this Saturday

We are scheduled to start our gaming session at 5:00 this Saturday, 5/16/09. I expect that you will finish the current adventure and start the next. Your characters may have some down time between things. If there are things that you want to do, please have your ideas prepared. There will likely be a natural break in the action to allow us to break for dinner (assuming that we start on time).

If Matt Falk wants to play, we need to have a finished version of his character.

See you on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mark your calendars - May date set

Based on input from you, the players, and my wife, I will plan to run next on Saturday, May 16th. We should plan for a 5:00 start at Bruce's. Mark your calendars.

Matt Falk is planning to join us and I believe that he will be playing a cleric. We need to finishup his character but we should have it done by the game.

We ended last session under the goblin stockade. You have cleared the upper and first lower levels. You have explored a little of the second lower level (where you fought and killed Nualia). I will try to post a summary of last session on the web site before the 16th. I have already created a page and posted some pictures.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The players have spoken ...

The players have spoken. Please welcome Matt Falk to the campaign.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Had a mistake on the current poll

I had a mistake on the current poll and I had to delete it and repost it to correct. If you had voted already, you will need to vote again. You should now be able to select multiple dates.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dates for May

I am not sure what the near future hold for me but I would like to start planning when our next session might be. It appears that May 9th would be best for me and the 16th and 30th may also be good. I am not sure about them yet. It will depend on when Sarah schedules her surgery.

Please vote for the days that work for you using the new poll.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Information from last session

I have not yet had the opportunity to update the web site and it looks like I will not before the game. There was information that you learned at the end of last session that I wanted to get in your hands before tomorrow. This information will be published to the web site in the future.


Nualia's notes and journals revealed considerable information about Nualia and her past. They also described her plans to send an army of goblins against Sandpoint and to burn the town to the ground. The reason given for this was not only to offer it all as a burnt offering to Lamashtu in the hopes of being made into a half-fiend, but to also to fuel the runewell in the catacombs below the town. From the notes, the party is able to identify this runewell as the pool from the encounter with the quasit in the catacombs below Sandpoint.

The information details how to cause sinspawn to manifest from the runewell. It only requires a few drops of blood to fall into the pool to cause it to manifest a monster. The description of sinspawn identify them as the strange monsters with the split jaws that were also encountered in the catacombs. There is a warning that if one were to overextend the runewell’s stores of energy, it would be deactivated. Nualia was not sure how to reactivate it, and several times stresses that the runewell shouldn’t be used much until after Sandpoint is razed and the deaths of hundreds of angry citizens and goblins have refilled the well’s stores.

Nualia’s Story

Nualia, was a foundling raised by Sandpoint’s previous religious leader, a man named Ezakien Tobyn. Nualia’s childhood was lonely and sad. Her unearthly beauty made the other children either jealous or shy, and many of them took to playing cruel jokes on her. The adults in town weren’t much better—many of the superstitious Varisians viewed Nualia as blessed by Desna, a sort of “reverse deformity.” Rumors that her touch or proximity could cure warts and rashes, that locks of her hair brewed into tea could increase fertility, and that her voice could drive out evil spirits led to endless awkward and humiliating requests over the years. Poor Nualia felt more like a freak than a young girl by the time she came of age, so when Delek Viskanta, a local Varisian youth, began to court her, she practically fell into his arms in gratitude.

Knowing that her father wouldn’t approve of a relationship with a Varisian (he wanted her to remain pure so that she could join one of the prestigious Windsong Abbey convents), they kept the affair secret. They met many times in hidden places, a favorite being an abandoned smuggler’s tunnel under town that Delek had discovered as a child. Before long, Nualia realized she was pregnant. When she told Delek, he revealed his true colors and, after calling her a slut and a harlot, fled Sandpoint rather than face her father’s wrath. Nualia’s shock quickly turned to rage, yet she had nowhere to vent her anger. She bottled it up, and when her father discovered her delicate condition, his reaction to her indescretions only furthered her shame and anger. He forbade her to leave the church, lectured her nightly, and made her pray to Desna for forgiveness. In so doing, he unknowingly nurtured her growing hate.

When the runewell in the Catacombs of Wrath flared to life, Nualia’s own anger was a magnet to its magic. Seven months pregnant, the wrathful energies suffused her mind and she flew into a frenzy. She miscarried her child later that night, a child whose monstrously deformed shape she only glimpsed before blanching midwives stole it away to burn it in secret. As the child had been concieved in the smuggler’s tunnels below town, in close proximity to a hidden shrine to Lamashtu (the goddess of monstrous births), the child itself was deformed and horrific. The double shock of losing a child and the realization she had been carrying a fiend in her belly for seven months was too much. Nualia fell into a coma.

As Nualia slept, she dreamed unhealthy dreams. Fueled by the wrath from below and the taint of Lamashtu, Nualia became further obsessed with the cruel demon goddess and the conviction that her wretched life was inflicted on her by those around her. She came to see her angelic heritage as a curse, and the demon-sent dreams showed her how to expunge this taint from her body and soul, replacing it with chaos and cruelty. When she finally woke, Nualia was someone new, someone who didn’t flinch at what Lamashtu asked of her. She jammed her father’s door shut as he slept, lit the church on fire, and fled Sandpoint.

The locals assumed Nualia had burned in the fire, a tragedy made all the worse by the death of Father Tobyn as well. Yet Nualia lived. She fled to Magnimar, where she enlisted the aid of a group of killers known as the Skinsaw Men. With their aid, she tracked down Delek and murdered him. Yet his death did not fill her need for revenge. Sandpoint and its hated citizens still lived.

Seeing a kindred spirit in the tortured woman, the mysterious leader of the Skinsaw Men gave Nualia a medallion bearing a carving of a seven-pointed star called a “Sihedron medallion.” Nualia learned that she had a larger role to play, and that her dreams were a map to her destiny. Taking the advice to heart, Nualia returned to Sandpoint, and found herself drawn to the brick wall in the smuggler’s tunnels where she and Delek had conceived her deformed child. Nualia bashed down the wall, and in so doing, discovered the Catacombs of Wrath and the quasit Erylium, also a follower of Lamashtu. For many months, Nualia studied under Erylium’s tutelage. During this time, Nualia received another vision from Lamashtu—a vision of a monstrous goblin wolf imprisoned in a tiny room. In Nualia’s dreams, she learned that this creature, a barghest named Malfeshnekor, was also one of Lamashtu’s chosen. If she could find him and free him, he would not only help her achieve her vengeance against the town of Sandpoint, but he would be the key in cleansing her body of what she had come to see as her “celestial taint.” Nualia wanted to be one of Lamashtu’s children now. She wanted to become a monster herself.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Game is this Saturday

The next game will be this coming Saturday at Bruce's. I believe that we agreed to start at 5:00 pm.

As normal, we will need to decide on what we will be doing for food. Is it fend for your self or will be be doing something collectively?

I will be posting an update to the website later this week with the recap of what you completed last session and the clues that you discovered near the end of the session.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The age old question ...

The Saturday game is almost here. It is time for the age old question: What are we going to eat?

Please vote using the posted poll.

We are scheduled to start at 6:00 PM. I would like to have the food issue resolved prior to our starting.

Please plan to bring a copy of your character leveled up to 4th. (If Bruce is holding your character, please let him know what choices that you would like to make when you level. i.e. what skills to increase, what stat to increase, what class you plan to raise, etc.) It is possible that you will make 4th before the end of the session. It really depends on how much gaming we get in. If not this session, I certainly expect it by the next one.

See you all on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March and April Dates Set

Due to some things that have cropped up in my life, I now have very narrow windows for my availability for running the Saturday game for the next couple of months. I am setting the dates for the March and April sessions as follows:

March 21st, 2009 at 6:00 PM

April 11th, 2009 at 6:00 PM

Both sessions will be at Bruce's.

If we cannot get enough players for either date, I propose that those that can still get together and we will play a board game instead. (Tomb, Great Space Race, Descent, Arkham Horror, Formula D, etc)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Web Site Updated - 2/24/09

I have updated my web site for the Saturday game with the following changes:

  • Added Vincenzio's account of the previous session.
  • Added my account of last session under Against the Goblins.
  • Added some picture for People of Interest

As I Recall ...

So we all met up at the Hagfish after a few days of rest and recuperation…. We decided we could use a week off from blood and mayhem, so we all kind of went and did our thing. Rufio put a beating on the local port wine supply, while I paid my way through a week of mead and martinis with some casual card games. Miyago went and lost him self in the local pawn shops, selling off some of our accumulated loot… Flars occupied himself reading a book or some nonsense… he seemed pretty interested in that crazy demon book we found – I think we got 100 pieces of gold for it.

There was also a magic longsword that Rufio is going to carry around now… The wand we found last adventure went to Miyago – some sort of “shocking grasp” spell, ought to come in handy! There were a couple other things we sold too… I didn’t pay too much attention, I already have that sweet ranseur with the crazy carvings and swirls and gems on it. Decided to keep it instead of selling it – came in handy fighting that damned Quasit, and nice when I don’t want to get THAT close to a critter. One nice bit of treasure from this little escapade was an excellent bottle of wine we confiscated… The 6 of us sat down and used that to toast our recent success, and it went down REALLY smooth. After drinking it, we smashed the bottle in the great fire at the Hagfish and everyone cheered… good times!

So Ripnugget, chieftain of Thistletop Goblin clan, seems to be keenly involved in this whole mess. Sherriff Hemlock returned from his trip to the big city, looking for help, with a measly 12 guys! What a crock... Shalelu’s nemesis – the Bugbear named Bruthazmus – also seems to be involved. This does not bode well for the peace and safety of the local population. With Nulia seemingly in a position of leadership, Ameiko’s brother as her love interest, this whole thing is looking bigger by the minute.

Really, it’s a mess. After some thinking, some drinking, and more drinking… we decided to journey out of Sandpoint to take the fight outside of the city gates. Thistletop is the first stop! We took another day to get our gear together, I made a point of shopping for some healing potions… Braun went and found himself a young hound dog to bring with us – I think for anti-goblin purposes? Mr. Puddles (the little rat-terrier Miyago carries everywhere) technically counts as dog, but he’s probably 3 pounds soaking wet, and not terribly scary. --- the guard dog Braun got seems pretty nice. She’s only tried to bite me once, but then, I shouldn’t have waved a leg of mutton at her like that…

On account of the horrible beatings I took the last couple times we went after goblins, we’re taking extra precautions this time. The druids made up some Goodberries… wonderful little things that have powerful healing abilities. They made me a necklace of them, in fact, so I would have a bunch at the ready to patch myself up. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing, that they gave me this…

But off we went. Thistletop was surprisingly closer than I thought it would be… the locals sometimes talk about it like its days to get there, when really its barely 8-10 miles away! We took the road to the Nettlewood, but that only got us about half way… the rest of the way we had to hoof it cross-country.

On account of our awesome survival skills, we located a Goblin trail that leads into the heart of the Goblin-lands. Actually it was mostly Rufio… but I don’t want to swell the guy’s head. As we got closer to the edge of the sea, the underbrush got really thick… you could smell the ocean – and I swear, the Goblins. As we walked up to a wall of brambles we found a small goblin sized door in the wall… opened it to find the classic 3 choices – left, right, or straight. After some debate, we chose to go left… Braun in the lead because he’s not too tall, me right behind him. The damp, wiry brambles were a real bitch to crawl through… glad I left the nice clothes back at the Rusty Dragon. Which reminds me, I need to see Ameiko again when I get back…

After pushing through towards the beach, we finally came out of the brambles on a small ridge, about 80ft above the actual beach. There we spotted a crazy rope bridge going to a small island offshore… Flars went and scouted ahead and found some signs of security. After some discussion, we decided to advance on the bridge… Sneak action by Flars and I.
The only problem was, the nest of goblins we ran into along the way.

We went to hide the guys in a small opening in the brambles, and stumbled into a whole nest of the vicious little critters! 10 of them, fighting in 4ft high tunnels, what a messy encounter… I think I killed 3 of them myself, the druids were crazy handy being able to walk through the plants like there is nothing in their way, and Rashen’Vol was tearing it up again. LOVE that cat. After we took out the gobbos, we decided against going back onto the ledge and cut through the brambles a little further.

After advancing further in, we came to a shaft in the ground, that appears to lead to the water below. So naturally, I volunteer to investigate… by lowering the Elf into it on a rope. All of a sudden he finds some giant tooth-filled bastard that lets out an unearthly roar, and I have to admit, it scared the hell out of me. Much to everyone’s horror – I panic. DROP goes the rope, PLOP goes the Elf, WAAAAAAAHHH!! Went me… Thank Diety Flars was there to tackle me before I could run off deeper into the Goblin lair though! While I was shaking like a outhouse door in a hurricane, Maravin was fighting for his life against the beastie. Rufio took a look at the hole and said “I’ve got 50 feet of rope… think that will work?” Braun replied “How smart are you?”… Clearly not a good situation. SO with little time to waste, the rope was lowered, and then followed soon after by Rufio and Miyago – both got banged up, but made it into the water to help… After a few moments, Flars had slapped some sense back into me, and I was able to go down there too… JUST in time to see the beast finished off, and Maravin get dragged to safety!

We spent some time diving into the waters in the cave after that… this critter had amassed a modest fortune from his victims! Mostly coins, but a few gems and pieces of treasure were found… overall, a nice little addition to our coffers. Once we had that straightened away, we had Flars secure our rope near the top of the shaft, and lowered everyone down into the cave; this will make a great little hidy-hole for us, for a few days… The plan right now is to rest up, heal up, and look at going back up the shaft in a day or so…

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Future Planning

We successfully completed another session yesterday. I know that we ran into some potential and real conflicts this time and I would like to avoid that in the future if possible. We are sorry that Randy could not make it but the game must go on. (Braun made some appearances mostly to provide much needed healing.)

I have posted dates that work for me for March and April in two polls. Please vote for the ones that will work for you. Based on the results, we will schedule our next sessions.

I will likely post updates to the web site later today. I will post again when those updates are made.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Web Site Updated - 2/17/09

I have made a few updates to my main D&D/Pathfinder page:

I have added the following:

  • Count-down counter and image of the cover for the upcoming Pathfinder RPG hardcover.
  • Link to the online d20 SRD
  • Linked a Pathfinder conversion for the Favored Soul class
  • Attached a pdf character sheet for Pathfinder Beta

Game On - We are all set for 2/21/09

After much turn on the subject, we are good for 2/21/09. Again I appologize for the extra drama but I was trying to accomodate as many as I could. At this point, everyone but Randy is scheduled to attend.

Game Issues:

As I asked before, please think about what your characters would like to do now. As a group you were pretty beat up after the last fight. Do you want to rest somewhere near the lair? Do you want to head back to town? Now that you know what you are up against, are there other resources that you want to obtain?

It seems unlikely that you will level next session but if you want to bring a copy of your 4th level character, that would be fine.

Real World Issues:

We also need to determine if we want to do something about food. Are we doing a group thing or are we all on our own?

It looks like I can be to Bruce's early. The current plan is that I will drop off my wife in Sterling Heights around 4:00 and pick her up after the game so I will not need an assist on transportation.

See you all on Saturday.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Web Site Updated - 1/22/09

My web site has been updated with material for the Rise of the Runelords game.

The direct link is

I have updated "The story so far ..." section through the events of last game in the "Investigating Thistletop" page.

As requested, I also posted the handout clues obtained from Tsuto.If there is anything that you would like added to the site, please let me know.