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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Friday, January 11, 2013

Next RotRL Session

We need to pick a date for our February session of the RotRL game. How does Saturday, February 2nd look for folks? That date works best for me as our normal Sunday game has moved off of that weekend due to the Super Bowl. The last two weekends I currently have plans with the wife.

I figure we have about 2 full length sessions to go before we have finished the Sins of the Saviors chapter. At that point you will raise another level, bringing everyone to 15th level.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stuff you should have already written on your sheet..

As a reminder, during the adventure the following stuff was found and distributed:
brian scroll, globe of invulnerability
brian potion, CMW
brian potion, CLW
brian potion, energy resistance, 20 vs cold
brian ring, wizardry, type 2
dam potion, CLW
dan belt, +4 str
dan potion, CMW
dan potion, remove paralisis
dan pearl power lvl 2
joe quiver w/14-mw arrows, 2 gtr dragon
joe teak box w/ 6 thunderstones
joe ivory braciers, of lssr archery
joe sword, long, +1 flametounge
joe potion, CSW
joe potion, CMW
joe potion, CLW
joe potion, CLW
matt potion, CSW
matt potion, CMW
matt potion, CLW
matt holy water, 6
matty cloak, +2 cha
matty pearl, power, 1st
matty scroll, heal
matty scroll, remove blindness/deafness
matty wand, bears end, 38-
matty book of wisdom read by
matty potion, CMW
matty potion, CLW
party quill, of revelation
party ink, (17) 8gp each
party wand, CLW, 46-
party robe, of the archmage, evil
party diamond dust = 500gp
party gold statues of ex-people

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Next RotRL Game, (this) Saturday, 1/5/13

It has come to my attention that folks would like to game this weekend. It seems that Matt H, Dan, Brian and Bruce are available on Saturday, 1/5/13. Sorry for the late notice but I just found out myself.

Matt called me last night asking about an e-mail he had sent me (which I apparently did not receive)and as fates would have it, I am now available this weekend. If Paul and/or Matt F are also available, I expect that we can play our RotRL game. (I guess I would also settle for someone playing one or both of their characters.) Please let me know what the plan is.

I am available to start around 3:00 PM at Bruce's. Everyone should now be 14th level. Please refer to my post regarding consumables. Bruce should have sent everyone a GP total including the cut from the various spellbooks.