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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Game On - We are all set for 2/21/09

After much turn on the subject, we are good for 2/21/09. Again I appologize for the extra drama but I was trying to accomodate as many as I could. At this point, everyone but Randy is scheduled to attend.

Game Issues:

As I asked before, please think about what your characters would like to do now. As a group you were pretty beat up after the last fight. Do you want to rest somewhere near the lair? Do you want to head back to town? Now that you know what you are up against, are there other resources that you want to obtain?

It seems unlikely that you will level next session but if you want to bring a copy of your 4th level character, that would be fine.

Real World Issues:

We also need to determine if we want to do something about food. Are we doing a group thing or are we all on our own?

It looks like I can be to Bruce's early. The current plan is that I will drop off my wife in Sterling Heights around 4:00 and pick her up after the game so I will not need an assist on transportation.

See you all on Saturday.


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