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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, March 16, 2009

The age old question ...

The Saturday game is almost here. It is time for the age old question: What are we going to eat?

Please vote using the posted poll.

We are scheduled to start at 6:00 PM. I would like to have the food issue resolved prior to our starting.

Please plan to bring a copy of your character leveled up to 4th. (If Bruce is holding your character, please let him know what choices that you would like to make when you level. i.e. what skills to increase, what stat to increase, what class you plan to raise, etc.) It is possible that you will make 4th before the end of the session. It really depends on how much gaming we get in. If not this session, I certainly expect it by the next one.

See you all on Saturday.

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