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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reminder: Game on Saturday 9/26/09

We have our Pathfinder game planned for next Saturday, 9/26/09 at 5:00 at Bruce's.

We will be using the new Pathfinder RPG rules starting this session. Please review your characters to ensure that you have converted properly. If Bruce is maintaining your character, please make sure that you have touched base with him prior to the game. If you have questions or would like to make changes related to the rules conversions, please contact me.

For those in need of a reminder, we left off at the "Misgivings". It is a spooky house belonging to the Foxglove family. Mr. Miago and Flars have had bad experiences inside and are currently in need of convincing to venture back inside. (They are currently trying to find a way to burn the place to the ground.)

The date for October is still in the wind. 10/24/09 works the best for me (My wife will be out of town). So far only Matt Falk has a conflict. Please vote using the poll. I believe that Bruce, Randy and Matt F have voted.

Lastly, as always, what do we want to do about food? I would like to have this taken care of so that we can start as close to 5:00 as possible. I have posted a poll. Please vote so that we can make a decission.


  1. i am finishing up on characters today. i have done flars, azibar, emyralda, vincenzio, and mr miyago, and just started maravin. i had to adjust maravin's alignment cause druid is prohibited from being chaotic good, they have to be neutral-something.
    i have an issue with hit points, because keith uses a non-standard format, would you like to use the official rules, or should i shave points off everyones hit point total?

  2. oh, i forgot.

    did you want to start using talents, or wait till saturday to talk about it?

    i can wait, since i don't want to make all those decisions, and have printed most of the sheets anyways.

  3. I decided to stay with Hit Points as they were. I am grandfathering it.

    1st level = Max + Con Score
    2nd - 20th = Max + Con Bonus

    Raising in your Favored Class still gives +1 HP or +1 Skill Point.

    Lets talk about Traits on Saturday.