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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November game details

The time is drawing near. I have been assuming that the 11/20/10 date is going to work for our November session but it has not been made official. I need to have at least 5 players in attendance. I would like more but we work with what we can get.

I have heard from Bruce, Matt H, Joe and Randy that the day will work for them. That is four. I am not sure about the status of Dan and I have not heard from Matt F., Brad or Brian.

We also kicked around the idea of doing a Thanksgiving-style feast before we got started. If we are doing so we need to coordinate who is doing what. I am planning to make pepper jack corn bread for sure and I may bring something else. Randy mentioned a dessert of some sort. What about the rest of you? We still need a main course and some sides. If something is costly, I would be willing to chip in a few bucks if someone else wrangles the details. Brian has brought beer in the past. Bruce has an oven but it will require time to cook stuff.

I would like things to get rolling around 2:00 pm. I was thinking of eating first and start gaming around 3:00. If we need to allow time for cooking, we could break and eat later.

Please try to post to the blog so that we can all share the information rather than replying only by e-mail. Items of importance: Attending? Y/N. If attending, what dish/item do you plan to bring?

Hope to see you all soon.


  1. I think I would be willing to do the turkey again, if we go for the FEAST route...

  2. That would be excellent.

    That requires a few hours in the oven. Is that a cook on-site item or a reheat once you get there? Trying to determine the timing and when Bruce will be expecting folks at his door.

  3. Randy says:

    I am in. Just to be clear this is the only day I can do this really. I too will kick in for high cost food.

  4. Should be fine.

    Kick in Fine.

    I can make an Apply Pie or Two if we need one.

  5. I had originally voted for the 20'th in the poll. However, there is a chance I might not make it; there is talk of a business trip leaving the weekend before thanksgiving, returning home in time for turkey, then heading back out.

    You'll have to put me down for a wishy-washy maybe. :/ If that trip gets approved, I cannot make it.

    (reposted, I replied to the wrong topic)

  6. as i'm scheduled to work that day, i NEED to know when to bail on work to be home in time, it takes 1.5 hours to drive home.

    ...and i'll have to pitch money in because i won't be home in time to make/get anything. unless its later in the afternoon. then i can go get some prepared foodstuffs at nino's.

  7. I am setting the date for 11/20/10.

    It looks like we have 5 player for sure (Matt H, Joe, Matt F, Randy and Bruce.) Still no word from Brian. Brad and Dan seem unlikely.

    I would like to get things going around 2:00 regardless of when we eat. Bruce needs a definite time to make sure he is home.

    What we have for food so far:

    Matt H said he could do a bird.

    I will do cornbread and I can do potatoes and maybe a veggie/salad.

    Randy and Matt F both said they could do desserts.

    If we are having folks pitch in money we could pick up sides from somewhere like KFC, Boston Market or one of the upscale deli/food markets. We just need to decide what everyone would like.

  8. The Steam and Mashed Potatoes from the frozen section are a pretty good alternative to freah mashed potatoes. Add a little butter and Sour cream and they taste pretty good on a time crunch. A little gravy and BAM!

  9. Looks like i have saturday off, so I will procure some sides.

    How many people are we expecting? 5?

  10. We are expecting 5-6 players plus a GM.

    Still have not heard from or about Brian.

  11. Dan is now a yes. (His planns changed somewhat.)

    I hear that Brian plans to attend but will be arriving late.

    Brad is still a maybe leaning toward no.

  12. i talked with keith last night, and i'm getting salad