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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dates keep filling up ...

We need to plan some game dates so we can play our RotRL game. My calendar keeps getting full and I expect the same is happening to many of you.

The weekend of 9/21-23 is now a no go for me. We have plans to be out of town again.

Saturday 9/29 is out as we will be going to Ren Fest again with Danny. I might be able to make Sunday 9/30 work but it is likely a stretch. I will run it by Sarah and see how she feels about it.

Saturday 10/6 could work but it is also the same weekend as our scheduled Sunday game. Not saying it is out but that much gaming tends to eat the weekend.

Saturday 10/13 is out as that is Steve and Angela's Halloween Party. Friday 10/12 or Sunday 10/14 might work.

Saturday 10/20 looks great right now. Sarah is scheduled be out of town and I do not believe that I have any other obligations.

Friday 10/26 is U-Con. I am trying to swing going for that afternoon/evening.

Saturday 10/27 is now out. I am going to Michigan Beerfest at Eastern Market. Sunday 10/28 could work.

Do any of these date work/not work with the rest of the group? I would like to schedule at least one but two dates would be nice. If we cannot get everyone together, I am also open to a PFS session or two.

Input please.


  1. 9/15 is and i was thinking of going.

    As for any other date, as far as I know I not scheduled to work weekends for a while, so they're all good for me.

  2. 9/29 - What time are you going to the Ren Fest? Patrick has a game at 1:00 pm. I really want to go, but would rather not go alone. If you want to push it off till 9/30 I will go and then we could game on Saturday night (lol)

    9/30 - Should be ok.
    10/6 - After 3 should be ok for me.
    10/14 - Open right now.
    10/20 - After 3 should be ok for me.

    1. We usually get there first thing. Gates open at 10:00. No pushing off until Sunday. That does not fit the plans for Sarah or Danny.

      (Still need to check about the possibility of 9/30.)

  3. 9/30 = Probably
    10/6 = No go
    10/7 = Probably
    10/14 = Looks Good
    10/20 = Doubtful
    10/28 = Probably

  4. I am looking into the possibilities of Sundays 9/30, 10/14 and 10/28 for RotRL sessions. Sounds like Bruce, Matt H and Matt F can make all of these dates. (I assume that we would only schedule one of the October dates.)

    I will still be free the weekend of 10/20 so if RotRL does not fit then, I would be open to some PFS if we can get enought interest.

  5. Do any of these dates (Sundays 9/30, 10/14 and 10/28) work/not work for Brian, Dan or Paul?

  6. I have confirmed that any/all of these Sundays will work for me. Now I need a 5-player commitment for each one we plan to play.

  7. I can do 9/30, I will check on the other two dates later.

  8. On behalf of Brian:

    Good for Sunday 9/30 or Friday 10/12 or Sunday 10/14 or Saturday 10/20 Sunday 10/28
    Saturday 10/6 no good
    Saturday 10/27 I also would like to attend Michigan Beerfest at Eastern Market. Sunday 10/28 could work.