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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trying to schedule some dates

The way things are looking, it may be October before we are able to get in our next game session. I might be able to swing a session after Barbecon,, on 9/21/13 but it runs until 7:30 PM. If not then, maybe on Sunday 9/22/13. The rest of my September weekends are already booked.

The best date for me in October will likely be Saturday 10/26/13. Not sure about November but I think Saturday 11/16/13 works best. I am planning to attend U-Con ,, the weekend of 11/22-24 to play some PFS and run some HEX. I am still finalizing my plans/schedule.

Sarah and I will be bowling this season about once a month on Saturdays. Here are those dates:


For those of you with other schedules (band, soccer, baseball, second job, etc.) and know what those will be if you can post them here so that we can try to schedule dates for the next few months, that would be awesome.


  1. I am busy all of the remaining weekends in September as well, but if you want to pinch-hit for me on the 21st/22nd thats fine with me.

    At this moment, only 10/19 is totally out for me. 10/26 looks fine. Other October dates are open right now, too.

    November is pretty open... 11/2 is out (Brian's Halloween party) and 11/16 might be tricky, but I can see if Brian wants to combine kids to make it work? Given enough notice I can probably play over the Thanksgiving break too.

    December 7th is probably bad (Holiday parade for my kids) but the rest of the Saturdays are open.

  2. September 20-23 Birthday weekend for me. Not sure my availability for that to be honest.

    Sept 28 Soccer game at noon, later should be ok.

    Oct 19th game late night @ 7:00 pm.

    Then I should be pretty much open.

  3. October 26th looks good for me.