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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Below is a list of treasure from the Hook Mountain Ogre Lair. (This includes items from this session and the last one.)

Sihedron medallion (gargantuan)
4 potion of cure moderate wounds
4 +1 hide shirt (large)
4 +1 ogre hook (large)
8 +1 great club (large)
wand of enervation (10 charges)
ring of minor cold resistance
Sihedron medallion

4th—animate dead, fear
3rd—fly, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch
2nd—blindness/deafness, command undead, false life, ghoul touch, spectral hand
1st—chill touch, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement
0—touch of fatigue

masterwork half-plate armor (gargantuan) worth 4,950 GP
2 masterwork composite longbow (+7 Str) (large)
Masterwork earth breaker (large)
650 GP in black onyx
Chest with 6,000 GP in assorted coins.

Myriana, the nymph is overjoyed and casts reincarnate upon him. As she does, her undead spirit fades and the curse on Whitewillow withers. Lamatar is at first shamed by his failure to protect both Fort Rannick and his lover, but decides not to waste the new life she gave him. He becomes the new guardian of Whitewillow and does not return to civilization.

Troops arrive from Magnimar. Since the group has no interest in taking charge of the fort, they do. The troops bear a message from Lord-Mayor Grobaras. He has sent 1,000 GP for each character (total of 7,000). This includes the 600 GP originally agreed to and an extra 400 GP for “meritorious service to Magnimar”. He asks that the group winter at Fort Rannick to “oversee the re-garrisoning” of the fort. He looks forward to a visit and a full report early in the spring.

I assume that the characters stay at the fort for a few months and help to reestablish defenses and oversee planning for repairs on the dam at Skull’s Crossing. Brad’s new character is encountered as a visitor to the fort. He stays at the fort and befriends the group, deciding to join your ranks.

We will begin next session with your return to Magnimar. Besides meeting with the Lord-Mayor, you will have the opportunity to sell your loot and purchase new things as your budget allows. As long as you are not looking for something crazy, you should be able to find it in Magnimar. Your characters should be leveled to 10th for next session.

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