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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Monday, November 14, 2011

we finished another arc..LOOT time

Aside from the items we passed out Sunday, there is a lot of cash to split up. And may be more, I have to talk to Randy about the club.. No, not the hair club..

Brian, Bruce, Matt, Matty, Dan, Joe, and Randy each (hella yeah, each!) get 18,710gp, 2sp, and 3cp

Jasmine and Brad split that and get 9,355gp, 1sp, and 2cp each


  1. I think I want to look around for:

    Cloak of Manta Ray

    Pearl of Power (Level 1)
    Pearl of Power (Level 2)

    Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (Not that I think I need one. I am a healing battery. Just would be nice of the long drawn out adventures)

    Sidebar Question Keith. Robe of Runes add (+4 Int) which takes me form a +0 / +2 int Bonus. The tool itself does not change the number of Skills I can learn. Is that supposed to happen? Or is it an issue with the program.

    Also I want to fully charge the Staff of Heaven and Earth by adding one charge a day until it is fully charged.

  2. Magnimar has a GP purchase limit of 40,000 GP. If the item is under that price, it can be found. I have no issues with the items you would like to purchase.

    Technically, items that raise your intellegence are not supposed to raise your skills and languages. They do increase the number of spells cast(if INT is your casting stat) and increase the rolls on INT-based skills. I will rule that the robe will function similarly to a headband of vast intelligence.

    A headband has one skill associated with it per +2 bonus it grants. After being worn for 24 hours, the headband grants a number of skill ranks in
    those skills equal to the wearer’s total Hit Dice. These ranks do
    not stack with the ranks a creature already possesses. Normally, these skills are chosen when the headband is created but I will allow you to pick two Knowledge skills for the robe.

    Chraging the staff should not be an issue. You can replenish 1 charage per day. To do so, you must forego one 5th level spell for that day. (Control Winds is the highest level spell and it is a 5th level.) I know that you used Gust of Wind and Air Walk in the final fight. That would require 3 charges to be restored. Not sure if anything else was used previously.

  3. I was thinking that it might grant a knowledge boon.

    (other) - Runeloads

    Or ....

    I think the Staff is Down (5) charges. I normally memorize Airwalk to be honest. I just wanted to state I was charging it so it would be full before we head out to the next adventure.

  4. Matt,

    You can pick two knowledge skills. If you want Runelords to be one, I can roll with that. It would give you a bonus in researching the Runelords specifically. I might suggest History as the other. That would give you a pretty hefty bonus to perform research in the library.

    Assuming that you spend 5 days, the staff will get fully charged.

  5. Flars has a +5 KS:history roll, and will help with research.

  6. Randy also gets +2 ring of protection (and forfeits his +1), large club +1 defending spell storing 3rd or less.