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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stuff you should have already written on your sheet..

As a reminder, during the adventure the following stuff was found and distributed:
brian scroll, globe of invulnerability
brian potion, CMW
brian potion, CLW
brian potion, energy resistance, 20 vs cold
brian ring, wizardry, type 2
dam potion, CLW
dan belt, +4 str
dan potion, CMW
dan potion, remove paralisis
dan pearl power lvl 2
joe quiver w/14-mw arrows, 2 gtr dragon
joe teak box w/ 6 thunderstones
joe ivory braciers, of lssr archery
joe sword, long, +1 flametounge
joe potion, CSW
joe potion, CMW
joe potion, CLW
joe potion, CLW
matt potion, CSW
matt potion, CMW
matt potion, CLW
matt holy water, 6
matty cloak, +2 cha
matty pearl, power, 1st
matty scroll, heal
matty scroll, remove blindness/deafness
matty wand, bears end, 38-
matty book of wisdom read by
matty potion, CMW
matty potion, CLW
party quill, of revelation
party ink, (17) 8gp each
party wand, CLW, 46-
party robe, of the archmage, evil
party diamond dust = 500gp
party gold statues of ex-people


  1. Did you mean Joe or Paul? If Joe, I expect they are items that are no longer available.

  2. I left Joes name/stuff in there in case someone accidentally recorded his gear on their sheet.

    Why does everyone question my motives ?