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Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Lower City of Xin-Shalast

Friday, January 11, 2013

Next RotRL Session

We need to pick a date for our February session of the RotRL game. How does Saturday, February 2nd look for folks? That date works best for me as our normal Sunday game has moved off of that weekend due to the Super Bowl. The last two weekends I currently have plans with the wife.

I figure we have about 2 full length sessions to go before we have finished the Sins of the Saviors chapter. At that point you will raise another level, bringing everyone to 15th level.


  1. Saturday looks great for me and probably Dan... I will poke the others about this.

  2. As you may or may not know I worked last Saturday night, and there may be more Saturday nights coming up. I'll let you know when I know.

  3. How are we looking for having the game on 2/2/13?

  4. I didn't have to work tonight (1/26) so I'm guessing I'm not working on the 2nd.

  5. Not looking good for me on the 2nd. I haven't been home in over a month.

  6. Keith:

    2/2 = Not enough ppl = NO GO...which is fine because I was probably going to have to show up late(r than normal) and now I won't.

    2/9 = what is the status of this day?

    2/16 & 2/23 = you have wife plans?

    What about 3/2?


    1. OK. Do Matt H, Dan, Brian and Bruce still want to get together for some PFS or some such?

      As for our RotRL game ...

      2/9 does not work. I have work stuff (a deployment and oncall back-up for another team member) and plans with the wife. 2/10 is our rescheduled Sunday game.

      2/15-2/17 I am out of town.

      2/24 I have plans with the wife. 2/23 might be an option. I will check with Sarah and get back with you. How does this work for other folks?

      3/2 seems unlikely as 3/3 is our scheduled Sunday game.

  7. I would be 'up' for it, but would like to know ASAP, in case they call me Thursday or Friday and ask if i can work Saturday night. I'd like to say I have previous plans.

  8. 2/23 will work for me if the rest of you can make it work.

    So far, Brain has confirmed that this date will work.